Send us your demo

So you have a great demo?


We are looking for talented songwriters, singers and artists to work with. Upload a .mp3 of your 2-3 best songs or performances to Soundcloud, Dropbox, Google Drive, YouTube or similar and share the link with us in a mail, together with your contact information.

Please, do not send MP3:s enclosed in the e-mail, just links for streaming or download. 


Pop, rock & dance

We focus mainly on Pop, Rock and modern Dance music. So if you´re into other genres, we´re probably not that interested. If we like what we hear and can see a commercial value in your work from our point of view, we may contact you and offer to sign you up for a deal. We listen carefully to all the stuff we recieve.


We support you.

If we close a deal, we can then offer you studio time in our inhouse recording studio, producers, exclusive song writing, coaching, marketing plans, world wide digital distribution to all all major download stores online, and also physical distribution for CD:s and vinyls. Our promotion team will also promote your music online and direct to selected magazines, newspapers, bloggers, producers, DJ:s and others at radio stations and TV stations around the world.


Sounds good?

Send a link to your demo to: demo [at] together with your contact info. And, we really do listen to all music we receive.

PS! Remember! Just send the links, not the files.